Tournament Info

PLC Sports Travel would like to welcome you to the 3rd Annual St. Moritz Cup. The tournament has been created to allow teams from all over the world to come to St. Moritz and compete in the Olympic tradition of good sportsmanship and great competition.

Your host and tournament founder is Peter Cardo

Tournament Format

The tournament offers a 30+ and 50+ division for hobby players.

In the 30+ division, player’s must be 30 years and older. Each team will be permitted to use 2 players who are 28 or 29 years old. In the 50+ division, player’s must be 50 years or older. Each team will be permitted to use 2 player’s who are 48 or 49 years old. These will be the only exceptions. Passports may be checked if a team requests an age check.

This is a hobby tournament for the enjoyment of all hobby players. Players who have played in any professional league in the last 15 years are not permitted to play. All team rosters will be checked to ensure all registrations are valid. Players will be required to show picture identification when they check in at the tournament desk.

Games will have 60 minutes to be played.
Periods will be 2 24-minute straight time with the last 2 minutes stop time.
Teams will have a 5-minute warm up.

There will be 5 teams in the division.

Teams will play in a round robin format. After the round robin, teams will be seated 1 through 5. The first and second place team will play a 5th game for the tournament championship. The 3rd place team will be awarded the Bronze Medals.

Point System. During the round robin, points will be awarded as follows: For every period a team wins, they will receive 1 point. If a period is tied, no points are awarded. The team that wins the game will receive 3 points. If a game is tied, each team will receive 1 point.

If a team wins both periods and wins the game, they would receive 5 points.

At the end of the round robin if 2 or more teams are tied, the following tie breaking system will be used:

If two teams are tied the winner of the head to head game will be awarded the higher seed.
If three or more teams are tied, the team with the most wins will be awarded the higher seed.
The team with the most periods won points will be awarded the higher seed.
The team with the fewest goals allowed.
The team with the fewest penalty minutes.
Coin toss.

Playing Rules

For a complete list of playing rules for the tournament please see the rules page.

Our Accommodations

The tournament offers players and their guests first class amenities starting with the hotel.

The Hotel Reine Victoria is our tournament hotel. The Hotel Reine Victoria has offered our guests an amazing package including a full buffet breakfast and buffet for dinner each day.  The Hotel Reine Victoria has free access to a pool and spa just a 2 minute walk from the hotel. Players and guests will enjoy the relaxing therapies available in the spa.

To read more about the hotel visit our Accommodations Page


A player’s lounge will be set up at the Hotel Reine Victoria in the lobby bar area. The lounge will be open every evening.